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Democrat Joe Kennedy to respond to Trump's union speech

Democrat Joe Kennedy to respond to Trump's union speech

On January 30, Donald Trump will deliver his first State of the Union address in front of a joint sessions of the United States Congress. The unmistakable sound of nothing. "I can not in all good conscience be in a room, with what he has said about so many Americans". If, that is, he plans to unveil any of those.

President Trump's speech comes on the back of a three-day government shutdown, and ahead of a February 8 deadline for deeply divided Republicans and Democrats to agree on how to fund the government and overhaul immigration laws.

The only "new" administration "initiative" that seems to have at least some internal momentum - judging by the buzz generated by various allies - is the infrastructure plan.

The day before the speech, frantic aides scheduled a public appearance where reporters would have an opportunity to question him, in hopes that it would relieve some of the pressure. "Most importantly, we know that what we do now on issues like protecting the vote and mobilizing for midterm elections will play a major role in what next year's State of the Union will look like for us".

"It's outrageous that Maxine Waters and other Democrats aren't going to actually attend the State of the Union", Duffy said in an interview on "Fox and Friends".

"The president's tone will be one of bipartisan in respect to Congress", said a White House senior administrator.

ABC News, CBS News, and NBC News will all support their TV coverage of the addresses with digital streams on YouTube.

Rare lunar trifecta may be partially visible in WNY
First, it will be a supermoon , a moon that appears its largest to observers because its elliptical orbit is closer to Earth. Before dawn this Wednesday, Jan. 31, the first total lunar eclipse of its kind in over 150 years will take place.

The State of the Union is considered by everyone to be a powerful statement of the White House's priorities - in Congress, within the executive branch, and overseas.

That same official "expects" White House and administration officials to fan out across the country after the speech to help sell its contents, but she declined to get into specific plans.

Missing from that policy preview list was health care.

"Congressman Kennedy profoundly understands the challenges facing hard-working men and women across the country", U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement naming Kennedy as the rebuttal speaker.

Trump's speech in the House chamber will be his first official State of the Union address.

Waters, who is the ranking member of the Financial Services Committee, has become even more of a force in the political arena as she continues to speak her mind on Trump's possible collusion with Russian Federation, his lack of political experience and his racist rhetoric.

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