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Twitter just booted Russian media ads offline

Twitter just booted Russian media ads offline

In an announcement, Twitter said the choice "depended on the review work we've been doing around the 2016 United States decision and the U.S. knowledge group's decision that both RT and Sputnik endeavored to meddle with the race in the interest of the Russian government".

The two state-backed media companies have advertised with Twitter since 2011 and the forecast $1.9m revenue the platform has expected to have earned from them will be donated to charities supporting civic engagement.

The ad restriction applies only to RT, an English-language TV broadcaster that receives financial support from the Russian government, and Sputnik, a news agency and online news outlet.

"The more money RT spent, the bigger the reach to American voters that Twitter would provide", RT said, describing the Twitter sales pitch.

RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan made similar remarks, saying Twitter's actions could lead to retaliatory measures against U.S. media.

The article also quoted Russian President Vladimir Putin as saying his government would react to us restrictions on Russian media "swiftly and symmetrically".

Beyond politics, Twitter's transparency center will show all ads that are now running on the platform, how long they've been running, who created them, and which ones are targeted to users.

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The report, RT said, "implied that the channel was trying to influence Twitter users via advertising on the platform". As a outcome, RT and Sputnik may no longer purchase advertising on the site, although their accounts will not be suspended.

As Twitter prepares for a date with the Senate Intelligence Committee to discuss its role in the 2016 election, the social-media company is scrambling to mop up a public-relations disaster of its own making.

Twitter in a statement cited the conclusions by the USA intelligence community that RT and Sputnik had attempted to interfere in the 2016 US presidential election - and that the agencies were critical of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. The proposal, which was eventually declined by RT, involved promoting RT's USA election coverage on Twitter, he added.

"Twitter is wisely positioning itself to be able to tell the committees that the company has taken steps to address the issues raised", Adam Sharp, a former Twitter executive, told Reuters on Thursday.

Twitter declined to elaborate on particular details after The Daily Caller News Foundation specifically asked why it made the announcement on the same day it released its third quarter results, which showed that it miscalculated user growth for years.

Sputnik, a news agency, said on its website that Twitter's move was regrettable, "especially now that Russian Federation had vowed retaliatory measures against the USA media". The change means they can not put money behind any tweets in an effort to promote them to a certain audience.

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