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Health alert as 1.6m children start secondary school overweight

Health alert as 1.6m children start secondary school overweight

About 70 million children are expected to be overweight or obese by 2025 if current trends continue, the World Health Organization said.

Timed to coincide with this year's World Obesity Day, which is observed on October 11, researchers from World Obesity Federation in the United Kingdom have also released data anticipating that obesity-related conditions will rise among children. The awareness day focuses on "ending childhood obesity" with an emphasis on the need for urgent government action and leadership to tackle this unsustainable health concern.

The report's researchers concluded that it saw no reason to depend on optimism as a realistic approach for future planning or for coping with the child obesity challenge and its comorbidities.

"These include rationalizing food supplies to meet nutritional needs, but also creating healthier urban environments to promote health, with green spaces and traffic controls".

Bristol's director of public health, Becky Pollard, said the council was taking action to tackle the issue of childhood obesity in a number of ways. This is not a failure of individual will power.

"The biggest difference is there is no pill or drug we can take to stop it and consequently we don't have Big Pharma to pour money into the response".

"I am deeply concerned by two recent trends".

"And with a growing population of overweight children adding to the pool, it doesn't matter if you're looking at the private or public health sectors, it is just far too costly to sustain". "This, too, is well documented, and unsafe". And he pointed out the issues in and related to schools that needed attention: "advertising and marketing and promotion of junk foods / fast foods, that is, unhealthy foods, by local and global fast food companies; the presence of sugar sweetened drink dispensers; canteens that do not sell and provide adequate selection of healthy food and beverages; absence of water coolers; predominantly unhealthy snacks and other foods sold at school gates; limited opportunities for and participation by students in physical activity; and insufficient education about importance of healthy nutrition".

FBI Disagrees with Trump That Muslims Aren't Reporting Suspicious Activity
His comments were met with much disgust from Clinton: "We are a country founded on religious freedom and liberty". While taking questions, the Republican candidate was asked what could be done to tackle Islamophobia.

"There are several studies showing a lack of effectiveness of voluntary measures".

The team, from the UK's World Obesity Federation, acknowledged that in some countries a slowdown in obesity and overweight rates may be observed.

Unless we act now, by 2025 nearly four million South African children will be overweight or obese and more than 600,000 will be suffering from related diseases, according to the World Obesity Federation.

"It is of particular concern that it is the low- and middle- income countries who have the least resources to treat obesity are likely to have the greatest burden".

Nicki Embleton, Cancer Research UK spokesperson for the North-East, said the figures were "concerning" and called on the government to introduce tougher measures to combat the problem.

The figures, which highlight the unhealthy weight of four and five-year-olds, have arrived in time for World Obesity day which takes place today.

Many people should be reminded that not all fat kids are healthy. If we do not act decisively now, preventable illnesses linked to and caused by obesity will continue to cost more British lives than any national security threat we have faced since the war.

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